10 Very Cool Posters & Print Designs Solutions

Since 1988, designers have been entering their best work into HOW’s Promotion & Marketing Design Awards, the only award that specifically recognizes outstanding promotion design work. Across all of the categories, we see a combination of both print design and...

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How technology products can improve your health?

We'll look at how technology can help you – and we'll also cover your employer's responsibilities, too. First up, here are five products that promise to make your life better as a designer…   Griffin Elevator Stand The Griffin costs around £27 If you're a laptop...

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2000 AD’s John Wagner creation: Strontium Dog

The team behind acclaimed Judge Minty fan-film are back at it with Strontium Dog. After creating what has been dubbed as the closest thing you will get to the latest Dredd film’s sequel (for the moment, at least), Judge Minty. The team behind the Judge Dredd fan flick...

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