Simpsons illustrations that will make you smile

Bartmania is a project that sees artists creating pop-culture mash-ups with the lovable yellow characters. As one of the longest running shows in television history, The Simpsons have inspired many-a-homage, with CSS experiments, animations and more showcasing the...

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Tips to Improve as a Graphic Designer

One of the major threats to your career as a graphic designer is to let your work stagnate and your improvement slow down. It’s very easy to fall into a comfort zone where you stop exploring new design techniques and simply stick with what you know. This is why most...

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3D tattoos that will melt your brain

  Love them or hate them, tattoos still remain one of the most popular art forms, with the craft allowing stories, scriptures and memories to be placed on the skin forever. With the usual animals, names and nods to iconic characters, tattoo designs can head into the...

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Should you choose Dynamic Logo for your business?

    A dynamic logo, as opposed to a static logo, changes form depending on context (think Google’s timely tweaks). While certain aspects of dynamic logos stay constant, designers have a lot of freedom to explore variations of color, shape, and presentation. Dynamic...

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Beer + running = super creativity?

There’s a reason why ‘beer Fridays’ actually begin on Thursday afternoons in design agencies all over the country — it’s because beer is good for creativity. While this does sound like a convenient excuse to crack open a brew, there’s actually some science to back...

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Classic Doctor Who Artwork

  Classic Doctor Who artwork is showcased in this stunning poster. Doctor Who fans of a certain age will be sent back in time with this poster that showcases promotional artwork from the 1970's. Featuring illustrations by the original artist Gordon Archer, each...

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