Nowadays clothes with psychedelic symbols are drawing more and more attention to people. People are becoming bored from regular type of clothes where you can’t find anything that it’s not already seen before, and they tend to search for clothes with designs that can spark their imagination.

Those shiny and colourful designs contain potent symbols that inspire mind and soul, that embody ideas of great and wise philosophers, and take influence from geometric figures, beautiful psychedelic art and nature. The screen-prints used reveal the similarity of the symbols of our daily life with the powerful symbology that bridges different cultures and religions of the world.

In the past those kind of clothing were only related to hippies, today it’s  usually connected to trance music culture. Still, it is slowly becoming one of the regular parts of human fashion and it’s not uncommon to see people wear it in ordinary occasions.

As myself being designer, one of my personal best designs are one’s from S.O.L (Seeds Of Life). I like their idea to incorporate psychedelic culture into casual fashion.



S.O.L evolved through the recent years and slowly grew and developed, their new line focused on high quality fabrics and new patterns that compliment all body types, super fun and comfortable to wear.

Psychedelic clothes


These designs are printed on garments and accessories that are manufactured in Israel, ensuring tolerant and accurate process in cooperation with professionals.

The designs are very carefully and delicately printed on silk screens, embedded into the fabric  in high quality that will last for a long time.

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