YouTube is full of awesome designers who are doing amazing work not just with their art, but as creative entrepreneurs making it big. When you’re looking for inspiration, trying to brush up your design skills or you want advice on building your business from someone who’s been there, done that and came back to talk about it, YouTube’s got what you need.

If you’re looking for some great YouTube design channels to follow, check out these 20 designers and entrepreneurs (in no particular order). They’re some of our favorites and we think you’ll love them too.

1. Charli Marie

Charli Marie is a London-based graphic designer and YouTuber who covers a variety of topics in her videos that are incredibly valuable to freelance designers: from creating mockups to making sure you get paid on time to frank discussions on burnout. To balance out the design and career advice-focused videos she creates, Charli Marie gives glimpses into her personal and professional life, like her series of videos on how and why she learned to code. On her channel, expect a first-person look into the freelance graphic designer life delivered in an easy, conversational narration style.

What to expect

Design tutorials, DIY projects, business advice, vlogs. Charli Marie does a lot of “talking shop” aimed at freelance creatives.

2. Yes I’m a Designer

Yes I’m a Designer is a design tutorial channel created by Martin Perhiniak, a graphic designer based in the United Kingdom. Instead of narrating his videos, he provides instructions and insight via text in the corner of the screen on each video. Each tutorial covers a specific technique that he explains through these text blurbs as he demonstrates the technique. Elsewhere on the channel, Yes I’m a Designer covers Photoshop updates, working with Illustrator, working with InDesign, product reviews and basic lessons in learning Photoshop.

Specific videos you’ll find on Yes I’m a Designer include:

  • Creating animal hybrids in Photoshop
  • New brushes in Photoshop for 2018
  • Shading and coloring vector illustrations in Illustrator
  • Symmetrical composition in InDesign
  • Learn how to draw anything in Illustrator

What to expect

Specific design tutorials, like creating line art avatars and working with perspective lines.

3. Gigantic

Gigantic, whose real name is Marco, is a graphic artist based in Montenegro who creates flat character designs in Adobe Illustrator. His videos primarily focus on specific aspects of character design, like drawing superheroes or dragons. One thing you’ll notice about his videos is that he uses the word “easy” in many of their titles. He’s not underselling himself, he’s making his work look easy to viewers. Click on any one of them to watch him walk you through creating a type of character or going over an aspect of designing characters in Adobe Illustrator, step by step.

What to expect

Adobe illustrator tutorials with minimal narration and soothing music

4. The Simple Designers

Like their name implies, The Simple Designers keep it simple. You won’t hear human voices at all in their videos, just beat-heavy music as you watch them turn basic shapes into cute 2D images in Adobe Illustrator. Their tutorials get super specific, so expect to learn how to make images like medical icons, calendar icons and beach scenes when you watch this YouTube design channel.

What to expect

2D design, quick-paced tutorials and icons—lots of icons

5. Dan Gartman

From his videos, you might think Dan Gartman is just a tattooed pair of hands that can rip through a pencil drawing at a breakneck speed. And although he does do that, that’s not all. Dan also has a few tutorials on his channel, including one about using a grid as an illustration aid and one on making line art look great. But the bulk of his videos are his speed drawing videos. His fast-moving hands will mesmerize you as you watch him create quirky, video game-y characters and scenes. Prepare to feel inspired.

What to expect

Time lapse videos of highly-detailed pencil and watercolor drawings

6. Will Paterson

If you want to know what’s wrong with certain famous logos, like the Google and Starbucks logos, look no further than Will Paterson’sYouTube design channel. Will Paterson’s not just a critic, he’s a graphic designer who does product reviews and provides valuable logo design tips that you can use to improve your own logo design skills. He also critiques his subscribers’ logos, giving a thorough “why” with every review.

What to expect

Logo critiques, logo design tips and product reviews

7. Every Tuesday

If you’re wondering when Teela Cunningham posts new videos, take a look at her YouTube design channel name. Every Tuesday features typography and watercolor effects. Her channel is mostly tutorials that show how to create certain effects in your work, like:

  • Seamless patterns in Illustrator
  • Paint streak typography in Photoshop
  • Confetti brush in Photoshop
  • Drop shadow effects in Illustrator
  • Watercolor textures for typography in Photoshop
  • Blending with metallic watercolor paints

Every Tuesday’s style is painterly. It’s flowy, streaky and fabulous whether she’s working on paper or on screen.

What to expect

Watercolors and text effects in Adobe Illustrator

8. Matt Borchert

Matt Borchert, a designer based in Minneapolis, MN, is a designer who creates tutorials. His videos are technical, but don’t feel intimidated—his instructions are easy to follow and he walks the viewer through every step of each process he explains. A few examples of the kinds of design tutorials he publishes are:

  • Creating sliced text in Photoshop
  • Loading brushes in Illustrator
  • Exporting layers in Photoshop
  • Scaling patterns in Illustrator

Although most of his videos are tutorials, he also has videos that cover broader skills designers should develop, like improving UX with Nielsen’s 10 usability heuristics and handling negative feedback on their work. He also gives advice about products designers use and helps viewers choose the right products for themselves. He’s covered buying the right hard drive, choosing between a PC or a Mac laptop and various part considerations for designers who want to build their own PCs.

What to expect

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials as well as practical advice

9. The Futur

The Futur isn’t one person, but a group of guys based in Santa Monica, California who make videos on a variety of entrepreneurship and lifestyle topics, covering everything from how to supercharge your personal brand to duplicating likes and comments on Facebook ads to really determining what you’re good at. The Futur aims to prepare and pump up new and aspiring entrepreneurs who need confidence boosts and tactical advice to pursue their goals.

What to expect

Pep talks, practical advice and tips on how to maintain a successful business

10. Pixel & Bracket

Pixel & Bracket is headed by Spencer, a designer from Indianapolis, Indiana. His videos fall into a few categories: Adobe Illustrator tutorials, spotlights on free goods available on Creative Market (an online marketplace for design assets) and discussions on topics that are relevant to creative entrepreneurs, like setting goals and developing ideas. This third video category also includes discussions about Spencer’s personal experience, like why he chose to quit his previous job and why he spends his time creating relatively basic Illustrator tutorials for his YouTube channel. All of his discussions are delivered in a conversational, easy-to-follow manner that makes Pixel & Bracket’s videos feel more like a conversation with a friend than an instructional channel.

What to expect

Design tutorials, breakdowns of the weekly free goods on Creative Market and entrepreneurship advice

Source: 99design