As Air New Zealand celebrates its 75th Anniversary, we take a look at the best posters from the airline’s past.


> Air New Zealand celebrate their 75th anniversary with a look to their past.

There’s a certain magic in vintage poster design; underterred by a lack of technology, art directors and graphic designers allowed their creativity to reign supreme. From bold colours to collage-inspired illustrations, the style of these print designs is undoubtedly inspiring in our digital age.

Be inspired by these beautiful travel posters

This year sees Air New Zealand celebrate its 75th birthday – and to celebrate, the company has dug out some of its best poster designs. The posters provide a history of the developments in aviation, as they move from advertising solent flying boats (which flew a maximum of 36 lucky passengers at a time) to modern 737s.


The vibrant Technicolor design and vintage uniforms provide an interesting contrast with modern advertisement methods – a clear reflection of how things have changed in the last 75 years.


> The vintage posters showcase a bold colour scheme.


> Collage style illustrations were popular back in the day




> The posters provide an excellent history of the developments in aviation.


> Even the fashion is inspiring with these poster designs.