As graphic and web designers, most of us love typography. Let’s take a look at the more decorative side of the art of type and lettering with some inspiration by talented designers.

Pantheon Poster

A gorgeous laster etched typographic poster designed by Schoener, a German design and type studio composed of Florian Paizs und Hermann Krauss. The layout, type and decorations are beautiful, and the effect created by the laser etching makes it even better.



A Sea of Words

Jake Weidmann is the youngest master penman in the world. The young artist and calligrapher is based in Denver, Colorado, where he tirelessly crafts his artworks. His “Sea of Words” is an impressive display of his calligraphy and drawing skills.


The Wild Life

A great logo design on the theme of nature and wild life. I love how the small corners on the edges of letters make it more “woody”. This logo is part of a series by Neil Tasker, a letterer and designer from the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan.



Tony Cragg exhibition poster

An in-your-face typographic poster by CCRZ, a Swiss and Italian design studio, for the Museum of Art of Lugano, in Switzerland. With the distorted type, the designers wanted to reflect an idea expressed by Tony Cragg himself, who didn’t want his sculptures to be static but dynamic.



Typography Poster Company

Would you invest in this “Typography Poster Company”? If I get one of Tomasz Biernat’s typographic posters, I would definitly get some stocks. This poster can be found among a series of cool other typographic posters on the graphic designer’s Behance page.



Coffee Every Day

You know what goes well with typography and lettering? Yes, coffee! This t-shirt by Koning is a love declaration to the product that helps fuel our creativity. You can purchase it on Society6 or see more inspiring type on Koning’s Tumblr.




U Bear

A negative space logo with a cool bear silhouette wrapping the U. This branding was created byMash Creative and shared on an impressive Behance page that includes hundreds of great logos.



You deserve a beer right now

A poster with such a positive message could only be featured here. The dynamic lettering work and crazy swooshes are also worth a mention. Amazing work by Sergio Bergocce, a talented graphic designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil.



Bonnie & Clyde

3D Product Visualization of the beautiful and delicious BONNIE & CLYDE Gin range of Deluxe Distillery in Belgium. Gorgeous work by Alberto Ezzy from Belgium.



SLOANE Tea Packaging

Splendid packaging with elegant use of type for these tea packages. The set was designed by Chad Roberts, a graphic designer who manages to place good typography in everything he designs from packaging to book design.





Georgian logo designer Kakha Kakhadzen designed this 96% mark just for fun, but it’s still a brilliant take on blending numbers with a sign. His Dribbble profile page is filled with excellent logos like this one.


Hole & Corner

A corporate identity for Hole & Corner magazine that keeps the & sign as the center that creates a ligature between the two words of the brand. A gorgeous, minimalist design by Andreas Neophytou, the creative director of Spring Studio.





Source: Designer-Daily