Popular brands get affected by the products they represent in this fun logo design project.

Fat mcdonalds Logo

Those McDonald’s golden arches have let themselves go

Branding and logo design are the perfect way to create a visual touch point for products and services, but they don’t always accurately reflect the products that they stand for.

A slick logo can be a wonderful thing to look upon, but what would it look like if it was affected by the product it represented? That’s the question that Italian designer Marco Schembri asks in this thought-provoking branding project.

Starbucks Funny Logo Redesign

Too Much Coffee Mermaid can kill you with her mind

In it, he takes 10 famous brands, and then re-imagines them as if they’d made use of their own products. The results are funny and brilliantly executed, with some brands coming off better than others.

Absolut Logo Redesigns

Vodka goggles in full effect

Poor old McDonald’s gets the worst of it, with its iconic golden arches going on a Big Mac diet and getting thoroughly supersized in the process, while the Starbucks mermaid ends up boggle-eyed and tweaked off her face after a caffeine binge.

gillette Funny Logo Redesign

Ouch, that’s going to smart

Both Gillette and Braun get sliced up by their shaving products, and Absolut gets a severe case of blurred vision in its re-imagined logo. Marco’s treatment of Durex is bound to get schoolboys of all ages sniggering into their satchels, while Zippo’s branding gets burned to a crisp.

Nutella Funny Logo Redesign

We. Don’t. Want. To. Know.

And as for Nutella, we have no idea what’s going on there and don’t even know where to start Googling. Blissful ignorance seems to be the way forward on that front.

Durex Funny Logo Redesign

All right, settle down, no need for all that sniggering

You can see the entire set of affected logos over at Marco’s Behance page.

Zippo Funny Logo Redesign

This is why you shouldn’t make logos out of wood and flames

Braun Funny Logo Redesign

Better get a bit of toilet paper to put on that. Maybe take the entire roll, yeah?

Source: creativebloq.com