Discover how to build an ecommerce site the quick and easy way, using Squarespace Commerce.

This is the second in an eight-part series sponsored by Squarespaceexplaining how to best showcase your creative work online.

We’d all love to set up our own ecommerce website. After all, who wants to make other people money when you could be making it for yourself? But in truth, few of us actually get around to creating our own web store.

Why? Partly because it seems like it will either cost a lot of money (if you’re not a web designer and need to employ one) or involve a lot of work (if you are a web designer but your days are already filled with client hours).

The great news is that with Squarespace Commerce you can build a fully functioning, responsive ecommerce website with the minimal time and effort.


Top fashion store ‘I Still Love You NYC’ – – was built using Squarespace Commerce

In this article, we outline 8 great reasons to build an online store with Squarespace Commerce today…



  • You can sell digital downloads

Want to sell digital-only goods online? That can be tricky, but luckilySquarespace Commerce makes selling digital work easy, secure and reliable. Your digital products are delivered via customized email links that expire 24 hours after delivery. Squarespace Commerce also makes it easy to control link sharing and re-send delivery links via the Commerce panel in your Website Manager.


  • Top tools help you with marketing

There’s no point in creating a beautiful online store if no one is coming to visit. Which means you’ll probably need to spread the word about your great products using social media.

You’ll also need to optimise your site for SEO, so people searching for your speciality on Google can find you. Plus you need to know how many people are visiting your site and where they’re coming from, so you can maximise your marketing efforts.


Designer Ray Putnam used Squarespace Commerce to build his beautiful online store:

Just thinking about all that can give you a headache. But theSquarespace platform can make all of this marketing stuff a lot simpler.

The meta tags, titles, product descriptions, and URLs of yourSquarespace Commerce website are all SEO-optimized, so people will be more likely to find you via Google. Squarespace Commerce also offers some great analytics tools to work out where your traffic and sales are coming from. Plus there’s great social media integration via Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, enabling you to push out news about new products to your loyal customers.

In short, then, you have everything you need to market your brand in one place.


  • It’s great for blogging


If there’s one thing the creative community thrives on, it’s blogging. So if you’re selling products or downloads to other creatives, you’re going to want a compelling blog on your ecommerce site. It could even become your main way of making sales.

So it’s great news that Squarespace Commerce offers a high-quality blogging platform which gives you the power to engage with your customers in the way they’ll respond to best. Crucially, you can even sell directly from a blog post.


  • It’s a great visual tool

As a designer, you’re going to want your store to look as visually appealing as possible, right? So it’s great news that Squarespace Commerce works with every Squarespace template, enabling you to pick beautiful themes that are right for your market, and customise them to suit your specific audience.

You’re also able to add things like product galleries and lookbooks to any page in your site, without a single plug-in. You can even customize the presentation of your gallery and choose focal points for your images. In short, Squarespace Commerce‘s simple interface offers everything you need to design a beautiful site that appeals to and engages with your customers.


  • The boring stuff is taken care of

Be honest: you want to spend your time being creative, not doing boring admin tasks. Squarespace Commerce is a great way to square that particular circle: the platform takes care of much of the business side so you don’t have to.

portlandpressProduct development startup Bucket use Squarespace Commerce to sell their innovative French press:

Painless order management means you can manage your workflow from anywhere – process orders, send shipment notifications, and handle refunds in seconds. Simplified shipping means that without a single plug-in, you can get real-time USPS rates, print labels across carriers, and share tracking numbers.

Squarespace Commerce is also integrated with ShipStation, so you can connect with services like Shipwire and Fulfillment By Amazon. Most importantly, Squarespace Commerce has partnered with Stripe to provide a painless way for you to start accepting payments.

From your Commerce area, you just click ‘Connect Stripe’ and fill out the form. Once you make a sale, payments will go directly into your bank account. Brilliant!


  • There are no transaction fees

Creating a successful ecommerce business is all about nailing those little details. Take transaction charges. Stripe, the payment processor that powers Squarespace Commerce, charges a low rate of 2.9 per cent + 30¢ for every successful transaction. And Squarespace imposes no additional transaction fees. That’s right – absolutely none.


  • You’ll get 24-7 support

Squarespace Commerce provides a ton of instructional videos, FAQs and other online help to make setting up your online store a piece of cake. But if you can’t find the answer to your question there, Squarespace Commerce prides itself on offering customer care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • You can customise your site

Got mad web design skills? Want to tweak the way your store behaves? With the Developer Platform, you can create custom ecommerce websites without losing access to Squarespace‘s powerful branding tools – it’s basically the best of both worlds.



All in all, the Squarespace Commerce platform is the perfect platform for creatives to sell their wares. Whatever your speciality, you’ll find the tools to help you build a beautiful site quickly and easily. And once you’ve done that, Squarespace gives you an additional set
of tools to help you maximise sales by engaging with your audience through blogging, social media and Google optimisation.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of your design skills, get out there, and start selling your wares!

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