Walking billboards: 4 ways t-shirts can boost your business.

In this world of electronic communication, you might not expect old school promotional methods to carry much weight. However, a 2013 study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) examined the demographics of branded t-shirts, jackets, and caps and found that branded clothing was a great way to promote brand recognition, spark interest, and increase business. The study also found that brand-promoting t-shirts were most popular among younger adults  (21 to 34 years of age), were more likely to be owned by men than by women (45% vs. 40%), and were most popular among those who politically identified as Independents.

Here we’ll examine a few ways that t-shirts boost your brand and increase business through name recognition.

  • Show Your Commitment to Your Brand

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Branded t-shirts are a great way to emphasize your commitment to your brand. If you have a brick-and-mortar business that depends on walk-in customers, brand t-shirts can help customers quickly locate a staff member. They’re also a great way to convey the message that you care about your brand’s public impression.


  • Reinforce Teamwork

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If your staff participates in team-building events inside or outside the workplace, a branded t-shirt can foster a spirit of cooperation and loyalty among employees. Taking your staff to lunch? Let everyone know you believe in rewarding your employees for their hard work, and get some valuable grassroots advertising in the bargain.


  • Strengthen Your Community


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Does your company take part in community-building events such as fundraisers, athletic events, art exhibits, or charity-sponsored gatherings? Branded t-shirts can show your brand’s commitment to building relationships among local residents and businesses. If you partner with other businesses in your area to promote youth events, local athletics, a community garden, or a neighborhood cleanup, be sure your brand gets recognized for its efforts.


  • Increase Your Exposure

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What would you pay for a billboard advertisement? Chances are it’s a lot more than the cost of branded t-shirts for your staff. Brand t-shirts are a cost-effective way to increase your company’s exposure and promote awareness of your brand.  People move in a wide range of circles—business, community, athletics, arts, nightlife, and recreation. Branded t-shirts mean your logo gets seen wherever your staff members travel. For very little investment you get a valuable reinforcement of your brand’s message.

So when you’re looking to boost recognition of a new brand, increase exposure for an established business, build team spirit, or help customers identify staff members, branded t-shirts provide the cost-effective solution you need.

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Source: 99 designs