The latest “Top 10″ websites for designers is all about resources for designers. Scroll through the list and you’ll find a variety of web design resources, design-related videos, and helpful sites covering the fundamentals of design.


An Abundance of Resources for Designers


Screenings gathers the best design-related videos from around the web.




License desktop fonts by renting them or trying them out for free. Featuring some great foundries already on board.



A series of educational projects covering the fundamentals of design. First up is “Font Pairing,” with more to come.




Pretty self-explanatory. Generate random samples of color gradients and retrieve the code values.




This font creation platform is getting close to launch, and Prototypo has updated their site to let you play with a few of the parameters in anticipation of what’s to come.




With 3D printing becoming more and more popular and accessible, this site connects you to your local vendor.




The opening background video for this 3D printed furniture site holds your attention until you see what it has “drawn.”




A graphic, visual overview of the history of icons in operating systems.




You’ll find a refined, typographic experience on this site showcasing the new typeface Tenez.




Put your hex code color knowledge to the test.




Source: howdesign