Illustrator Jing Zhang has reinvented recipe cards with these delightful designs.


With their glossy photography and high-end design, modern day cooking books do look great but let’s be honest… they can all start to look a little samey. Embarking on a new dish is a scary and exciting endeavour in itself, so it’s only natural that the recipe you’ll be following should look just as exciting.

London based artist and illustrator Jing Zhang has produced these beautiful recipe cards; taking favourite dishes from around the world, she slices them throughout the process, allowing you to follow step-by-step whilst checking out her cool little characters.

“Nothing beats an illustration project that involves all my favourite things – food, food and food!” she explains. “Be it Western or Asian, of different flavour, of different culture.” Featuring pizza, dumplings, burgers and noodles, you’ll be in for a treat with these recipe cards.


> Each step is highlighted using cool characters




> Zhang makes the process look easy with her flawless executions


> Signature dishes from around the world get an exciting new treatment


> You’ll definitely want to have a go at a new dish with these designs


> Even the humble croissant gets its own recipe card design

Source: creativebloq